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Holy mount Kailash, a pilgrimage in Tibet


Holy mount Kailash, a pilgrimage in Tibet

Prof. dr Milan P. Rakočević

Format: 24 cm
Broj strana: 300
Povez: Broš
Izdavač: Orion Art
Godina izdanja: 2017.
Oblast: Putopisi

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There are few places on Earth comparable to the mysterious, stunningly beautiful and completely isolated Mount Kailash, which lies well hidden in a remote and deserted region of western Tibet. One circle around the mountain (54 km) is symbolically one revolution of the wheel of life or the cycle from birth to death.

The book, whose framework is the description of the most important pilgrimages in the world to holy Mount Kailash, take a place of prominence among other books on the subject. What distinguishes this account is that it is much more than a travelogue in the narrowest sense of the word, for it successfully integrates diverse literary forms.

Traveler, writer, photographer and chronicler, Rakočević, armed with profound knowledge of diverse subjects has merged in his book the travel journal, the rational language of science and the magic of artistic expression; stories of the heart, metaphysics, ethnographic and anthropological insight and particular spiritual contemplation of a unique kind and achieve an extraordinary union.

It is a synthetic and clearly written story about man and nature and their primordial and inextricable union and about all the elements that build the history, culture, art and society. At the same time, this book is a personal story of the writer’s own spiritual experiences and impressions, told with the boundless energy of the traveller and mountaineer and the inner effort required to make such a journey.
This book manages to effectively transmit deep human values, spiritual aspirations, loyalty, perseverance, friendship and understanding, and above all the need to attain new planes.

The perfect functional harmony between the extensive text and the many superb photographs is another merit of this book. The appendices, bibliography and concise glossary of Tibetan words and gestures provide practical information and serve as an invaluable guide to future pilgrims.

Milan P. Rakocevic, PhD Architect

Professor at University of Belgrade, Serbia. Former Dean of Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. He studied architecture in Belgrade and Paris. He has lived and worked in France, Switzerland, Algeria, Panama and Australia and has worked on numerous projects in Serbia and abroad, receiving various prestigious awards. He has written several books and many papers on the subject of architecture.

He has visited over seventy five countries. As a mountaineer, he has been to the highest European peaks (Mont Blanc, Matterhorn), Africa (Kilimanjaro) and Australia (Mt Kosciusko). On his pilgrimage to holy Mt Kailash, in the Himalayas, he spent a month recording with words and photographs extraordinary experiences and magnificent landscapes. Searching for prehistoric cave paintings and engravings, he has taken part in three expeditions to the Sahara.

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